Organic Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are extracted from plants, flowers, seeds, nuts and vegetables. They are also known as fixed oils as they do not evaporate when exposed to heat and light.

Whereever possible our carrier oils are cold-pressed, this process produces a purer oil, giving a higher vitamin content. These oils have a light odour and varying properties and are generally good all round skin conditioners. They can be used alone or in a blend with other carrier oils and essential oils. 

We recommend storing carrier oils in a cool dark place, or in the fridge, to maintain their properties and prolong their shelf life.

Almond, Sweet (Organic)OR075

Country of Origin: Italy

Sweet Almond oil is the most popular massage oil as it gives medium massage 'slip'.

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Apricot Kernel (Organic)OR076

Country of Origin: Italy

Apricot Kernel is a fine, moisturising carrier oil which is readily absorbed by the skin and is particularly suited for facial massage especially for dry, mature or delicate skin.

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Jojoba (Organic)OR079

Country of Origin: USA & Argentina

Jojoba is very fine, high in vitamin E and resembles the skin's sebum in composition.

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Rose Hip (Organic)OR082

Country of Origin: Chile

Rose Hip is high in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E and also contains palmitoleic acid present in the sebum. It can be used to create a blend to relieve old pigmentation, scarring and is a great anti ageing oil.

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Sesame (Organic)OR077

Country of Origin: Uganda

Sesame Oil is the preferred massage oil of Ayurvedic practitioners. It is particularly high in vitamin E and calcium.

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Sunflower (Organic)OR078

Country of Origin: Germany

Sunflower is a light and economical oil very popular amongst massage therapists because it is practically allergy-proof.

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Hemp Seed (Organic)OR069

Country of Origin: Canada

Hemp Seed oil is deeply moisturising and can be blended with other carrier oils for massage, to add theraputic value. This oil is especially good for itchy skin conditions and is rich in antioxidants.

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Avocado Crude (Organic)OR088

Country of Origin: Italy Avocado Crude is a heavy, sticky oil very high in vitamins and minerals and particularly suited to weathered or mature skin. It contains vitamins A, B and D.
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Tamanu (Organic)OR099

Country of Origin: South East Asia

Tamanu is a thick and viscous oil. It is good for all skin types especially sensitive, delicate and mature skin and for the fine skin around the eyes. It is moisturising and regenerating and a highly sought after oil for cosmetics and skin care.

It has various therapeutic properties which can help treat problems of the hair and scalp and is an also anti-inflammatory, thus a good oil for sports massage.

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Neem (Organic)OR091

Country of Origin: India

Neem oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties and can therefore be used for a number of different skin conditions. It acts as an insect repellent when applied to the skin and is also soothing for the hair and scalp.

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Evening Primrose (Organic)OR096

Country of Origin: China Evening Primrose is well-known for its rich GLA content, this fine oil is particularly useful for dry, mature skin. It helps to maintain skin elasticity and is also great to strengthen nails. It was traditionally called the 'Kings Cure All'.
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Hazelnut (Organic)OR083

Country of Origin: Aserbadschan & Germany


Hazelnut is a slightly astringent, easily-absorbed oil, particularly suited to facial massage for oily and problem skin.

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Carrot (Organic)OR081

Country of Origin: France Carrot Oil is very high in Vitamins A, B, C, D and E and good for the prevention of stretch marks. Use as an all over massage oil for the body or mix with other carrier oils.
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Calendula (Organic)OR087

Country of Origin: United Kingdom Calendula Oil is an infusion of the marigold flowers in Sesame Oil which produces a gentle, soothing oil. It is suitable for all skin types and even those with sensitive skin or allergies. This oil promotes skin repair and has anti-inflammatory properties. 
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Argan (Organic)OR098

Country of Origin: Morocco Argan oil is an antioxidant and moisturising carrier oil, great for facial massage. The oil comes from the kernels (nuts) of the Argan tree. This precious oil was originally used in cooking and in skin care in Morocco and is now used worldwide. It is thought to have anti-aging properties and is often referred to as a 'Miracle Oil'.
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