Methods of Use

Essential oils are highly concentrated compounds and should be handled with care to avoid unpleasant reactions. If using essential oils on the skin in massage or skin preparations please ensure oils are diluted appropriately for the person receiving the treatment. If treating someone who is pregnant, has sensitive skin, terminal illness, a serious medical condition or is a child then a qualified aromatherapist should be consulted.


Massage is the primary method to enjoy aromatherapy as the therapeutic properties of the essential oils being used are absorbed by the skin but the soft tissues of the body are manipulated at the same time and can stimulate or aid relaxation. This is dependent upon the oils selected. The synergistic action of the essential oils, together with the physical and emotional benefits of touch, stimulate not only the organs in the body but the muscles, nerves and skin. The increased blood circulation and lymph flow assists with the cleansing of body toxins. After a massage some people experience a "healing crisis". This is where the toxins are being expelled by the body and may cause headaches, excessive tiredness and more frequent urination.

- Blend a total of 3 to 5 drops of your chosen Essential Oils in 10ml of Carrier Oil. This is suitable for most adults.


This is a fun way of making your own skin care products from face creams to all over body moisturisers. Absolute Aromas provide Unfragranced Base Products that are free from parabens, sulphates and gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins.

- Blend 50g of Body Lotion, Body Cream, Vitamin E cream or Face Cream with 20 drops of essential oil.


Absolute Aromas stock a Multi-Use Foam Base in the unfragranced base products range. This is a versatile foam base and can be used to make hand wash, shampoo, foam bath and shower gel.

- Blend 30ml of multi-use foam base with 10 drops of essential oil.


Either add 20 drops of your chosen Essential Oils to 40ml of Jojoba Oil to create a beautifully perfumed body oil or make a 80ml solution of equal parts of Rose Water and alcohol, add 12 drops of essential oil. Shake well before use and apply your own unique perfume.

Facial Care

To create your own facial skin care Absolute Aromas can supply a Facial Wash Base and Cleansing Lotion Base (currently out of stock) from the unfragranced base products.

- Facial Wash Base has been created for the more delicate skin on the face. This is a gently foaming cleanser to remove make-up and deep cleanse the face.

- Blend 20ml of facial wash base with up to 8 drops of essential oil.

- Cleansing Lotion Base is a light cleaning lotion to lift away dirt, bacteria and make-up, leaving the skin thoroughly cleansed.


Organic Floral waters make excellent skin tonics. Why not try our Organic Rose Water or Organic Orange Blossom Water for a beautifully fragranced toner?

However, there is more to aromatherapy than massage and bathing. Essential oils can be used around the home to create a pleasant atmosphere and personalise the home with wonderful fragrances.


When using an Oil Burner care must be taken. Never leave a candle burning in room that no-one is in.

- Add up to 6 drops of essential oil to a traditional candle burner, Aroma-Stone or one of our various electronic diffusers to create an aromatic ambience.

- N.B. Our most popular Aroma-Diffusers at the moment include the 101 Ultrasonic Diffuser, The Zenbow, and The Nebuliser.

Room Fragrance

A natural room spray.

- Add 10-15 drops of essential oil to cold water and pour into a spray bottle. Shake well and spritz around the room.

- Alternatively, we stock preblended Room Sprays, individually formulated for specific needs and occasssions.


This is the simplest method of using essential oils. Simply drop 1 or 2 drops of essential oil on to a tissue and inhale. This method is very useful for stressful situations or when concentration is needed.

Alternatively, if suffering from winter bugs, lean over a bowl of just boiled water with 4 drops of essential oil added. Place a towel over your head and breathe normally for ten minutes.

- To target the sniffles, we recommend using Eucalpytus, Ravensara, or our very own blend; Breatheasy


To ease painful joints, aching muscles or a fever a compress to the desired area is very effective.

- Add 4 to 5 drops of essential oils to a bowl of warm or cold water depending on the client's requirements. Soak a clean cloth or sterile gauze in the water and apply to the desired area.

We recommend using Sweet Marjoram, which is often used in sports therapy massage. Alternatively, try our Mobility Blend, specially designed to help with everyday aches and pains.


Lavender and Tea Tree are sometimes used neat on the skin by skincare professionals for spots, cuts, sores, burns and stings.

However, we do not recommend that you do this without consulting a medical professional first, as pure essential oils are highly concentrated, and can cause skin reactions.


Soak feet for as long as possible in a bowl of warm or cold water with 4 or 5 drops of essential oil stirred in.

- For an enlivening and stimulating foot bath, we recommend using Peppermint Essential Oil.

- For tired feet, Marjoram Essential Oil is often used for sports massage and therapy, and is therefore a good oil to help with aching feet.

- Alternatively, for a relaxing and unwinding soak, try Lavender, Chamomile, or our Relax Blend.

Household Cleaning

- To disinfect add Tea Tree or May Chang and Lavender to a solution of warm water and wipe tiles in a bathroom or kitchen.

- Sprinkle a few drops of Lemon, Grapefruit and Orange on a cotton wool ball and place in Vacuum Cleaner to freshen.

- Put a couple of drops of Lavender on a tissue and place between winter clothing and bedding before storing. Also good to freshen drawers and airing cupboards.

- Fresh Pot Pourri with an oil of choice.


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By David Tomlinson on Wed 13 November 2019