Breatheasy Natural Room Spray
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.16

A clearing aroma to relieve seasonal symptoms.

Sensoli 3 Pillars Oil Burner
Your Price (ex VAT): £10.42

Our 3 Pillars Oil Burner is ideal for diffusing essential oils or blends.

Organic Clary Sage
Your Price (ex VAT): £7.92

This Organic Essential Oil is grown and distilled by a co-operative of farmers in France. The pungent, herbaceous aroma of Clary Sage has a strongly uplifting yet soothing effect on the mind.

Approved by the Soil Association.

Jasmine Sambac Absolute 3% Dilution
Your Price (ex VAT): £5.21

Jasmine has a rich, heady, floral aroma often referred to as the 'King of Aromatics'. It is a known aphrodisiac and is said to reawaken passion. It is also a good balancing oil for the moods and tension.

Peppermint, English
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.79

Peppermint has a light, refreshing and a clear minty aroma. This oil is especially good for digestive problems and to refresh a tired mind, hence great for concentration and study.

Cedarwood, Atlas
Your Price (ex VAT): £3.75

One of the more masculine of essential oils, Cedarwood is popularly used in toiletries for men. It is great for relaxing the nerves and tonifying the kidney, hence beneficial for fluid retention and lower backache.

Organic Eucalyptus Globulus
Your Price (ex VAT): £3.79

Eucalyptus Globulus is a wonderfully clearing, camphoraceous essentail oil, that is excellent for colds and chills. Australian Aborigines refer to the plant as 'Kino' and bind the leaves to serious wounds.

Approved by the Soil Association.

Organic Coconut Solid (Virgin)
Your Price (ex VAT): £10.00

A white, solid oil at room temperature, that is great for moisturising hair and skin.

Relaxation Himalayan Bath Salt
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.13

Pure Himalayan Bath Salts infused with a blend of essential oils to encourange relaxation of the mind and body.

Organic Avocado (Crude)
Your Price (ex VAT): £8.00

Avocado Crude is a heavy, sticky oil very high in vitamins and minerals and particularly suited to weathered or mature skin.

Approved by the Soil Association.

SENSOLI Magic of Provence 10ml
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.96

Sensoli  Grapeseed 100ml
Your Price (ex VAT): £3.29

Organic Oregano
Your Price (ex VAT): £6.50

Organic Peppermint
Your Price (ex VAT): £5.63

Acknowledged as the best quality Peppermint available, English Peppermint is at the luxury end of the market. It is a much smoother, fuller and more rounded oil than the standard product. It has an unusually high content of methylesters (giving excellent body and sweetness) and a modest content of the bitter tasting ketone, Menthone.

Approved by the Soil Association.

Lavender Natural Room Spray
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.16

A light calming aroma to soothe and balance

Sensolini Reed Diffuser Set
Your Price (ex VAT): £12.92

This Reed Diffuser Set is a lovely, long lasting way to fragrance your home.

Mit diesem Duftmischungs-Set erreichen Sie eine wunderbar lang anhaltende Raumbeduftung.

Chamomile, Roman
Your Price (ex VAT): £10.83

Roman Chamomile has a sweet and fruity warm aroma. It is excellent for dry skin conditions. It is also very soothing and a great oil for headaches, irritability and muscular aches and pains.

Your Price (ex VAT): £6.25

Bergamot is strongly antiseptic and uplifting, has a sweet fruity, citrus aroma and is clear in colour. Bergamot is the perfect oil to help lift that Monday-morning feeling any day of the week! The bergaptene content of this oil causes photosensitivity in sunlight. 

Your Price (ex VAT): £7.29

Juniperberry is best known for cleansing and encouraging elimination, ideal for beating those morning-after blues and also a good oil for detoxing. Juniper is also a good tonic for the kidneys, it's antibacterial properties can help with urinary problems.

Your Price (ex VAT): £3.83

This tangy oil has a clearing effect which makes it particularly useful when recovering from general winter illness. It is very effective used in an oil burner or electric diffuser as it is antibacterial but also a good oil to refresh, uplift and clarify.

Rose Otto 3% Dilution
Your Price (ex VAT): £10.79

Rose Otto 3% in dilution is a deep, rich-sweet and floral aroma. It is a wonderful oil to use in facial skin care, especially suitable for Dry/Mature skin.

Organic Shea Butter
Your Price (ex VAT): £10.79

This Organic Shea Butter is soft enough that it can be used alone, as a rich moisturiser for dry, chapped skin.

Organic Calendula
Your Price (ex VAT): £8.83

Calendula Oil is an infusion of the marigold flowers in Sesame Oil which produces a gentle, soothing oil. It is suitable for all skin types.

Approved by the Soil Association.

SENSOLI Serenity 10ml
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.96

Sensoli Jojoba 100ml
Your Price (ex VAT): £9.58

Tea Tree 12-pack
Your Price (ex VAT): £49.56

A 12 pack of Tea Tree, a highly antiseptic and antibacterial oil.

Organic Eucalyptus Radiata
Your Price (ex VAT): £5.42

Eucalyptus is well-known for its clearing and anti-septic properties and is thus extremely useful during the winter months. There are hundreds of varieties of Eucalyptus; Radiata has a sweeter, more rounded aroma and is less likely to irritate the skin than the more common Eucalyptus Globulus. Radiata can be used in all of the instances where Globulus would be appropriate. It is less stimulating than Globulus and may therefore be the preferred Eucalyptus for children.

Approved by the Soil Association.

Organic Lemon
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.67

This tangy oil has a clearing effect and so is particularly useful when recovering from general winter ills. It is very effective used in an oil burner or electric diffuser.

Approved by the Soil Association.

Organic Rose Otto 3% in Jojoba
Your Price (ex VAT): £11.67

Rose is a wonderful oil to use in facial skin care. Especially suitable for Dry/Mature skin.

The Rose Otto in this product is 100% pure and natural. For your convenience, it has been diluted to 3% in Jojoba Oil, a wonderfully light moisturising oil.

Approved by the Soil Association.

Prevention Natural Room Spray
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.16

A cleansing and purifying blend designed to defend and protect.

Sensolini Original Refill Set 2 x 50ml
Your Price (ex VAT): £12.92

A refill set of the popular Lavandin & Vanilla Blend for the Sensolini Reed Diffuser.

Ein Nachfüll-Set für die beliebte Lavandin & Vanille Duftmischung mit Diffusionsstäbchen.

Eucalyptus Smithii
Your Price (ex VAT): £3.54

Eucalyptus Smithii is the mildest of all the Eucalyptus oils and is therefore suitable for use with children and the elderly. It has a rich, pungent scent and has a particular affinity with the respiratory system.

Your Price (ex VAT): £4.13

Rosemary is the classic 'get up and go' oil. It has a clear, fresh, herbaceous aroma. It is great used in a diffuser for concentration and study and also good to use in a shower gel to wake you up in the morning. Rosemary is also great to use in a massage blend for muscular aches and pains.  

Organic Grapefruit
Your Price (ex VAT): £6.62

Grapefruit has a wonderful, uplifting aroma like many of the citrus oils and is cleansing and refreshing

Approved by the Soil Association.

Organic Carrot
Your Price (ex VAT): £11.25

Carrot Oil is very high in Vitamins A, B, C, D and E and good for the prevention of stretch marks. Use as an all over massage oil for the body or mix with other carrier oils.

Approved by the Soil Association.

SENSOLI Tranquility 10ml
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.96

Sensoli St. John's Wort 100ml
Your Price (ex VAT): £8.29

Tuberose Absolute 3% Dilution
Your Price (ex VAT): £9.58

A fragrant night-blooming flower that has a beautiful, sweet fragrance with spicy tones, reminscent of honeysuckle .

Organic Lemongrass
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.67

Lemongrass can be very refreshing and relaxing and is commonly used as an insect repellent. Lemongrass oil helps to revive a tired mind and is a great tonic to revitalise the body.

Approved by the Soil Association.

Organic Rosemary
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.58

Rosemary is the classic get up and go oil.

Try adding 3 drops of Rosemary, 2 drops of Lemon and 1 drop of Peppermint to a tepid bath before an important occasion. Adding a few drops to the final rinsing water for dark hair can help keep a natural shine.

Approved by the Soil Association.

Eucalyptus Staigeriana
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.96

Eucalyptus Staigeriana has a slightly less harsh aroma than that of Eucalyptus Globulus, but it also has a slight lemon citrus scent to it. It can be used for every day aches and pains and is also beneficial for the respiratory system.

Star Anise
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.13

Pine, Scotch
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.29

Pine (Scotch) is a fresh, clearing, slightly woody oil. It is a great oil to use for respiratory problems, muscular aches and pains and winter colds.

Organic Evening Primrose
Your Price (ex VAT): £17.08

Evening Primrose is well-known for its rich GLA content. This fine oil is particularly useful for dry, mature skin.

Approved by the Soil Association.

SENSOLI Winter Spice 10ml
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.96

Your Price (ex VAT): £7.50

Myrrh is distilled from a resin which has been used since antiquity. It has a sweet, smoky, slightly musky aroma. This oil is soothing, clarifying and grounding. It is a great oil to ease a worried mind and is also used in India as a remedy for infections of the gums and teeth.

Cedarwood, Virginian
Your Price (ex VAT): £3.75

One of the more masculine of essential oils, Cedarwood is popularly used in toiletries for men. Cedarwood’s anti-septic, deodorising and insect-repellent properties make it a very useful oil for burning or diffusing.

Clary Sage
Your Price (ex VAT): £6.63

The best Clary Sage comes from Russia, which is by far the most important producer, although France often plays a significant role in distribution. We have selected a very high quality oil. Clary Sage is very uplifting and due to its antispasmodic properties, can be very soothing for menstrual pain and muscular stiffness.

Organic Hazelnut
Your Price (ex VAT): £11.25

Hazelnut is a slightly astringent, easily-absorbed oil that is particularly suited to facial massage.

Approved by the Soil Association.

SENSOLI Zest 10ml
Your Price (ex VAT): £4.96


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