Electric Diffusers

Aroma-Mist Diffuser
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The Absolute Aromas Aroma-Mist is the perfect companion, whether you wish to create a calming mood, benefit from the healing qualities of certain oils or bring a touch of luxury to your home or workplace.

With subtle mood lighting and the scent of your favourite oils, the Aroma Mist allows you to create the prefect atmosphere.

Aroma-Blossom Diffuser
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The Absolute Aromas Aroma-Blossom allows you to create a calming mood or reviving atmosphere in your home or work place. This Ultrasonic Diffuser can help you relax, feel invigorated or aid easier breathing.

The Aroma-Blossom and Absolute Aromas wide range of essential oils brings The Power of Nature to you whenever you desire.

AromAbout Car Diffuser
In Stock
Your Price (ex VAT): £9.13

Ideal to diffuse essential oils on the move, the Arom-About fits neatly into the car cigarette lighter socket.

Aroma-Mouse with UK Adapter
Your Price (ex VAT): £18.29

This diffuser can be used at work, in the home, or taken travelling.

In Stock
Your Price (ex VAT): £22.92

The Aroma-Stream is a discrete, quiet diffuser that uses a fan to diffuse essential oils into the air!

Zenbow Diffuser
In Stock
Your Price (ex VAT): £38.33

The Zenbow is an easy-to-use aromatherapy diffuser with colour changing mood lights; simply add your chosen essential oil/s & water, and switch on for an instant aroma hit.

Out of Stock
Your Price (ex VAT): £38.33

A professional cold air Aroma-Nebuliser which changes the essential oil from liquid to an extremely fine mist without destroying any chemical constituents.

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Aroma-Wave Ultrasonic Aroma-Diffuser
Your Price (ex VAT): £25.00

The Aroma-Wave Ultrasonic Aroma-Diffuser is a discrete & easy-to-use aromatherapy diffuser with colour changing mood lights.


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By David Tomlinson on Wed 13 November 2019