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Cardamom Essential Oil has a sweet, spicy, warming aroma which blends well with citrus oils as well as other spice oils, Ylang Ylang, Rose and Neroli.  It is often used as a fragrance in soaps and perfumes.


Elettaria Cardamomum (Cardamom) Oil


Blend 2 drops of Cardamom with 1 drop of Ylang Ylang and 2 drops of Sweet Orange in 10ml of Peach Kernel oil.  Add to warm bathwater for a luxurious and seductive soak.  More ideas below…

Key Features

  • 100% NATURALPure and natural, premium Cardamom Essential Oil. Cruelty-free, Vegan, GMO-free. Sustainably sourced from Guatemala. Latin name: Elettaria Cardamomum.
  • AROMATHERAPYCardamom Essential Oil is distilled from the ripe fruit (seeds) of the herb.  The dried seeds are extensively used in food in India but also in Europe and the Middle East. For massage, blend a total of 3 to 5 drops of essential oils in 10ml of carrier oil to make a blend suitable for most adults.
  • BODY & MINDThe calming and soothing properties of Cardamom Essential Oil can also be experienced when you mix it with a body lotion base.  The Cardamom will be gently warming, and help you to feel soothed and grounded.  A great oil to use in the colder months when you want to feel cosy and comforted.

  • DIY TIPTry adding 2 drops of Cardamom, 1 drop of Rose and 2 drops of Bergamot to a burner or diffuser to create an exotic, warming atmosphere.
  • ROOM FRAGRANCEAdd several drops of essential oils to a plant spray filled with water and shake well to create your own natural room spray – avoid polished surfaces and plants.

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What makes our Cardamom Essential Oil so great?

This premium quality Cardamom has been sustainably sourced from Guatemala. 

To source the best essential oil suppliers, we travel the world and only opt for oils from controlled, sustainable sources, that have little or no negative impact on the environment.

None of our products are tested on animals and all are free from GM materials.

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Cardamom Essential Oil’s Warm, Spicy, and Slightly Sweet Aroma

Cardamom essential oil is distilled from the ripe fruit (seeds) of the herb.  The dried seeds are extensively used in food in India but also in Europe and the Middle East. They have also been used as a traditional Chinese remedy for thousands of years for digestive and urinary complaints and Hippocrates promoted their use for various conditions.  It is known to potentially ease feelings of nausea, calm a nervous mind and support a feeling of wellness.

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How to use

Vaporiser – Use 6 drops of essential oils in an oil burner, Aroma-Bowl, or Aroma-Mouse  (all available from Absolute Aromas) to create a pleasant atmosphere.  Try 2 drops of Cardamom Essential Oil on your pillow at night to encourage restful sleep.

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