Top Tips for a Healthy Summer Holiday

Healthy Summer Holiday

Few things compare to the excitement of an impending summer holiday. However, whether you choose to travel abroad or within the country, it doesn’t take long for the excitement to turn into stress. What with all the packing and planning, it can take its toll. Although in the end, the experience is always worth it.

As enticing as travel is, it comes with its own share of potential discomforts. So we’ve put together some of our top tips for ensuring you can enjoy every moment and make the most out of your Summer holidays. Don’t think that essential oils are ‘essential’ for travel? Stay with us!

Handle jetlag

Switching between time zones can take a toll on our body. As tired as you may be, we still have to stay alert when travelling. A bit of Peppermint essential oil diluted with jojoba is a perfect and gentle way to keeping your senses alive and aware of your surroundings, simply apply to pulse points for an awakening boost.

Then, once you reach your hotel or accommodation, massage your feet and neck with a little Peppermint or Eucalyptus Oil blended with Lavender and jojoba to enjoy deep relaxation and recovery from any signs of jetlag.

Essential oils for sunburn

We love to soak up the sun in the summer, especially when we’re abroad. Of course, It’s important to enjoy the sun safely and to protect ourselves from the harsh rays. However sometimes we can get caught out, and the sun can end up loving us back a bit too much.

Sunburns are a common problem during holidays. Combine a few drops of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils with a carrier oil such as coconut and apply to affected areas for soothing relief (only suitable for mild sunburns). Another great remedy is Aloe Vera Gel, this cooling and hydrating natural gel works wonders for soothing and re-hydrating over-heated skin.

Deal with tiredness and fatigue

Being a tourist is hard work. Of course, you want to explore it all and site-see until you drop! So don’t let tiredness come in the way of your holiday goals. Put a few drops of Sweet Orange or Lemon into a tissue, simply inhale the aromas anytime time you start to feel a bit drained. Our Refresh Aroma-Inhaler is a great option to help to awake and refresh the senses whilst on the go! That and some H2O should have you ready for another round of sight-seeing and exploring.

Ease travel discomforts

Sitting in a car or bus for long hours can lead to unpleasant motion-sickness and feeling generally unwell. To naturally relieve these unwelcome feelings why not try inhaling some nausea-busting essential oils, our favorites for this are Peppermint, and one of the best-known remedies, Ginger. Simply add a couple of drops to a tissue and inhale the soothing aromas as needed.

Our Travel Essential blend is another great option, it contains both of these oils, alongside a powerful combination of other essential oils specially selected to soothe the senses when travelling. In case of a headache, you can always rub a little diluted essential oil or essential blend on the temples and back of the neck to experience some relief.

Keep bugs and mosquitoes away

Essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Citronella, and Tea Tree Oil work wonders for warding off unwanted bugs and insects. They are a must-have when you are trying to enjoy the outdoors! If you’re enjoying an outdoors BBQ or holiday get-together, simply add a couple drops of Citronella to an oil burner, to keep unwanted visitors at bay.


Travelling can wreak havoc with our natural body clocks, and when combined with trying to settle and sleep in new and unfamiliar environments, it can create a recipe for disaster for our sleep. Travel in general can lead to overexcitement and overstimulation of the senses, which can deprive us of much-needed shut-eye. Why not try practicing 10 minutes of meditation before trying to settle into bed, meditation is known for helping to deeply relax the body and mind, and can help to settle the senses after an exciting or stressful day, this can be a great way to prepare yourself for a restful night.

If you need some extra support drifting off, why not try a Lavender Hydrosol, this refreshing spritz is wonderfully cooling and refreshing, with the calming aroma of Lavender, which is prized for its relaxing and soothing properties and a popular bedtime favorite.

Pro tip: When taking essential oils away on holiday select one carrier oil to take with you, this can then be used to extend the uses of your chosen oils. Premade Aroma-Rolls and Aroma-Inhalers are also a great alternative if you’re looking for ready-made and easy to use solutions to keep in your bags and pockets!