The best warming essential oils for the colder months

The best warming essential oils to beat the cold

The best warming essential oils for the colder months

When the days are shorter and the sun is lower, temperatures drop, making us want to stay indoors where it’s warm and cozy. While the winter months have their charm (watching a film wrapped with a hot chocolate is not too bad after all), not everyone is a fan of the cold.

So, can we use aromatherapy to warm the body, improve circulation and keep the winter chills at bay?

The effects of the cold on the body

First of all, let’s have a look at what the cold does to our bodies.

When temperatures drop, our body begins to lose heat faster than it can be produced. Our extremities – our hands and feet – have blood vessels that are closer to the skin and further away from our heart where our core temperature is more stable. As the blood flows to our extremities, away from the hearth, it cools down.

On top of this, cooler temperatures also slow down the blood flow around the body as it constricts the veins and arteries, which increases the chances even more that are hands and feet get numb and cold.

While feeling warm induces a feeling of being relaxed, feeling cold can do the opposite – making you feel alert and maybe even a bit on edge.

So let’s see how we can we beat the cold and bring some warmth in your body through the power of aromatherapy…

Exploring essential aromatherapy oils that create a warming effect

Ginger Essential Oil

If you’ve ever had a ginger shot drink, then you will have experienced firsthand the heat ginger can generate. It’s quite powerful!

Using ginger essential oils are a great way to capture the warming effect of ginger – add just a few drops to a carrier oil such as jojoba oil and massage into the skin. It’s a simple yet effective warming blend. Also great for achy muscles and joints.

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black Pepper Essential Oil has a warm, spicy aroma, that just like ginger oil, can be added to a carrier oil to create a blend that will warm the skin.

On top of this, it’s also a great oil for helping to ground the mind, which is a bonus when feeling stressed or unfocused.

To make your own blend, add 2 drops of Black Pepper, 3 drops of Rosemary, 3 drops of Lemon and 1 drop of Lavender in 30ml of Sweet Almond oil and create a warming massage blend.

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

Majoram Sweet Essential Oil has a sweet & herbaceous fragrance, but it’s also warming and comforting, which makes it great for when the cold weather hits.

For an easy recipe, add 1 drop each of Sweet Marjoram, Rosemary and Cypress in 10ml of Sweet Almond oil and use as an body massage oil.

Sweet Marjoram oil is especially great for those who struggle with over-thinking and worry, so perfect for when you want to warm up and switch off – relaxing both body and mind.