Find the Perfect Gift this Mothers’ Day to Celebrate and Appreciate!

Happy Mothers Day

Where it all began….

Historically, Mothers’ Day is a celebration of mothers and maternal figures across the globe and can be dated back to the 16th century.  The ancient Greeks celebrated the ‘Mother of Gods and Goddesses’ Rhea every spring, by offering up gifts of seasonal flowers.  Our flower-giving rituals of today remain strong – there’s nothing more lovely than receiving a fresh posy of Daffodils & Tulips.

A gift of flowers with a difference

While we all appreciate fresh flowers, here at Absolute Aromas we love the thought of giving our wonderful Mothers something more long lasting and our amazing range of flower essential oil products can do just that.  One of our enduring favourites is of course lavender oil, renowned for its ability to relax and aid restful sleep – probably just what many snooze-seeking Mothers yearn for!

Our Lavender Epsom Bath Salts make the perfect gift; they are 100% NATURAL and contain Pure Epsom Bath Salts blended with Lavender essential oil to help calm the mind and body. Not only that, but the salts are Vegan, GMO-free, cruelty-free and sustainably sourced.  Of course, we have many different essential oils that have been derived from flowers such as timeless Rose Absolute to balance and calm the mind or Geranium for a more uplifting scent.

A feeling that lasts

We often get asked how to use essential oils in everyday life; many people think they’re reserved for spas and therapists, but we love how easily these wonderful oils can be so beneficial in everyday life! As a Mothers’ Day present, these lovely products are a duel-faceted gift: You are also giving the gift of self-care and hopefully some time and well-needed rest away from the daily routine that motherhood brings.  Our Epsom Salts can be used in a multitude of ways from adding to them your bath, using them as a deodorizing foot soak or as a gentle skin exfoliator.  As with all our products, the guidelines for use on the label should be followed thoroughly to ensure they are used safely and to their best potential.


Many essential oils can be extremely effective at soothing some of the associated symptoms that come with pregnancy.  During this special time, it’s important to be aware that many essential oils and products must be avoided, so do check the labelling carefully, but many can be hugely beneficial to the wellbeing of expectant Mothers after the fourth month of pregnancy.  We’ve made it easy at Absolute Aromas to identify which oils can be used later in pregnancy and we love our Expecting range, specially formulated to support the senses.  Expecting Bath & Massage Oil can be added to warm water as a nourishing treat or rubbed into the tummy to aid in the reduction of stretch marks.  Our Expecting oil blend contains Tangerine, Petitgrain and Neroli oils to be soothing and uplifting during pregnancy and comes in a reed diffuser form, oil, or Epsom bath salts.

Show your love by helping with the chores!

When we think of essential oils, we often associate them with health and body care but did you know that they can also be used in the home – and what better way to show you love her than to give Mum the day off the housework!  Lemon oil can be a really effective household cleaner, just use this simple recipe to create a cost effective and natural cleanser – ideal for kitchens especially.

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • 10 drops of Lemon oil

Mix these together in a reusable spray container and shake each time before use.  To create a powerful de-greaser, sprinkle bicarb of soda on surfaces before spraying and the Lemon oil mixture will activate the natural fizzing of the bicarb to effectively dislodge stubborn dirt and leave your home smelling fresh and citrussy.

However you celebrate Mothers’ Day, we have some gorgeous and unique gifts to show your loved one just how special they are.