Treat your hands this Spring 

Treat your hands this spring

With the onset of Spring and some potentially warmer weather on the horizon, it is easy to forget that our hands (which have probably taken a bit of a beating during the winter months), could possibly still do with some care and attention. When we think about self-care, we often pay great attention to our face, hair and body, but It’s so easy to neglect our hardworking hands. As one of the most exposed areas of our body, we need to try to combat signs of aging and dryness just as much on our hands as we would on our faces.

Why use Aromatherapy Treatments on your Hands?

Deep-penetrating aromatherapy treatments are perfect for rejuvenating your hands as the oils themselves are rich in all the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals required to condition and soften skin. At Absolute Aromas we only use the highest quality, natural oils making them perfect for deep-moisturisation, leaving your hands feeling soft and restored.

Most hand oil treatments are made up of at least two components; a ‘base’ or ‘carrier’ oil, (which is in itself highly moisturising) and the essential oil or a blend of them. Hand massage can be relaxing, and also boost circulation; perfect if you’re someone with perpetually cold hands!

Aromatherapy Treatments on your Hands

Carrier or Base Oils and Creams

These luscious oils penetrate the skin quickly to nourish and soften your hands without leaving them oily. There are many natural carrier oils, however some are better than others for hand care because they contain vitamins and minerals as well as those all-important essential fatty acids. Below are a few of our favourites…

Jojoba Seed Oil – This oil is deeply nourishing and soothing, helping to improve the skin’s texture. It contains Vitamin E, which acts as nature’s powerful anti-oxidant.

Sweet Almond Oil– This is a great base for a tired hand treatment as the zinc in it is great for strengthening brittle nails.

Rosehip Oil– A great, non-greasy oil that is easily absorbed into the skin, perfect for hands. This special oil also contains Vitamin F to help trap moisture in your skin, leaving it softened and protected. This oil has increased in popularity as it is chock-full of goodness and the vitamins and antioxidants to help to rejuvenate the skin by restoring elasticity and reducing the appearance of scars.

Vitamin E Base Cream – Our unscented, Paraben-free base cream can be used all over the body and it’s perfect for use on the hands as the Vitamin E is a nutrient that protects cells from damage.

Soothing Hand Treatment

Enjoy a Moment of Luxury

It only takes a moment to enjoy the aroma and skin-boosting benefits of a quick hand treatment, so it’s easy to build this simple bit of self-care into a busy lifestyle. We have taken the time to try a few lovely fragrance combinations you could use to make your own hand cream or oil, or you could try blending your own fragrances. Use the essential oils below in one of the carrier oils listed above and use a total of 3 drops of essential oil to 5ml (1 teaspoon) of an aromatherapy carrier oil or cream to produce a really effective hand treatment.

This recipe is so luxurious and is inspired by our gorgeous ‘Relaxation’ oil blend, you should feel restored and relaxed after trying this nourishing combination.

This great recipe is inspired by our popular Prevention range which includes oils which have natural antibacterial qualities and have a lovely uplifting scent when combined.

Carrier or Base Oils and Creams

This is a great protective and restorative blend that smells completely spa-like and will instantly transport your mind somewhere super relaxing!

You can of course try any of our essential blend oils too as these are pre-blended by our in -house experts to save you having to do this!

A Simple, Soothing Hand Treatment

Only a small amount of your winter hand blend treatment is needed during each use. Apply it directly to the backs of your hands and begin using gentle circular massage movements all the way up to your wrists until the oil has all been absorbed and spend some time massaging the blend into your nails as they need a little TLC too. Hand treatments and massages are a great bonding experience and a lovely little treat to give to someone you love too, so why not give it a go…your hands will thank you!