Product Spotlight – This Summer’s Essential Products

Summer’s Essential Products

Detox Himalayan Salt Scrub – Prep that Summer Skin!

Our Detox Himalayan Salt Scrub contains an invigorating and refreshing aromatherapy blend of Essential Oils, blended into a base of rich carrier oils including Jojoba & Evening Primrose oil, to deep cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin.  A good, weekly scrub is essential for keeping your skin soft and smooth during the summer and it also helps to reduce razer scuffs and cuts by creating a smoother surface to shave.  It’s also great at removing the dregs of any self-tan you may have remaining around dry areas like ankles and knees!  The Jojoba and Evening Primrose oils are richly nourishing, especially to dry, flaky skin.  Blended into these gorgeous carrier oils are Grapefruit, Juniper, Geranium and Palmarosa Essential Oils which will leave you feeling truly refreshed!

Rose Hydrosol Floral Water – Instant Refreshment for Hot Days

Rose Hydrosol water (or Floral Water as it’s often known) is the condensed water that remains after the Rose Essential oil has been extracted from the rose petals by distillation.  This water is so refreshing and can be used in a multitude of different ways from a cooling face spritz, to a final rinse on sun-parched hair.  Hydrosols also make a great addition to your bath water and will have toning and calming effects on the skin.  They’re also perfect replacements for water in hot or cool compresses and Rose makes a wonderfully soothing compress for bumps or sore heads.  And for those hot, sweaty nights when sleep can evade us, Rose Hydrosol can make a lovely pillow spray and as it doesn’t contain any oils they are safe to use on your linen without risk of staining.

Prep that Summer Skin

Lavender Hand Spray – Ideal for all the family to zap bacteria on-the-go

This little spray is a go-to for days out and holidays this season and can give you peace of mind that your hands have been cleansed even if you don’t have access to water.  Simply spritz over hands or body whenever you feel the need to cleanse and refresh; perfect for use between hand washing.  Containing only 4 ingredients, you can rest assured this hand spray is free from nasties and is suitable for everyone; it comes in two sizes, the littlest is ideal to pop in your handbag as part of your daily essentials.

Refresh Aroma-Roll for Instant Relief from Fatigue

Have you ever needed a quick pick-me-up while you’re out and about or travelling?  Created by our expert aromatherapists, our Refresh Blend contains a synergy of essential oils including Spearmint, Lime and Sweet Orange to help elevate the senses and revitalise the body.  It was specially formulated to help you feel invigorated and awakened.  As it comes in an easy-to-use rollerball applicator and ready blended it’s ready to use whenever you need it. Simply roll over your pulse points such as your wrists, temples and neck, or treat yourself to a quick temple-massage for an easy pick-me-up.

Travel Aromatherapy Blend for Comfort and Balance

Our Travel Essential Blend has been lovingly created by our expert aromatherapists using pure and undiluted premium quality essential oils.  For easy, on-the-go relief whilst you travel, simply put a few drops onto a tissue and inhale as needed.  Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Sweet Orange pure essential oils are blended with others including Ginger to create a deeply reassuring scent that will induce calm and help to banish feelings of nausea and tiredness.

Summer Aromas Essential products

Coconut Oil

Our Fractionated Coconut Oil is a liquid rather than the more common solid Coconut oil.  The fractionated version is lighter and un-fragranced, easily absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue so it’s perfect to rub into skin to add a quick bit of moisture and nourishment.  It’s a pure, natural, undiluted, vegan and cruelty-free carrier oil and it makes a super hair mask in the summer, especially if you’ve had a lot of chlorine or saltwater damage to your hair.  Simply massage a palm-full of oil into the scalp (this will help ease dryness) and then apply down to the end of the hair and leave for at least 20 minutes – longer is even better!  Follow with your usual shampoo and conditioner for a rejuvenating hair treatment.   The versatility of this oil is almost unrivalled, and other things we like to use it for is make-up removal, or a tiny drop makes a brilliant hair oil to tame frizz.  It’s also a fabulous carrier oil to add essential oils to if you’re making your own massage blends or bath oils.  Plus, a little goes such a long way so a bottle will last and last!

Citronella Essential Oil

We absolutely love this Essential Oil and class it as a true Summer essential! There are so may ways you can use this oil, we thought we’d put some uses into bullet points to make it easier…

  • Use as an ingredient in candle making to ward off insects.  These candles can then be used outdoors.
  • Pop a few drops into a diffuser with water to disperse around you home to discourage insects.
  • You can dilute a few drops of Citronella Essential Oil in a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond oil and rub it into exposed body parts during summer months to discourage insect bites.
  • With its fresh scent, Citronella is a great mood booster and a few drops inhaled on a tissue can help ease fatigue.
  • It’s a great detangler, so it can be added to shampoo or conditioner bases for some extra nourishment for your hair, or added to a carrier oil like Argan oil as a deeply conditioning hair mask.

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