How to give your Hair some TLC this Summer

Blonde hair

Start off Right…

To enjoy healthy, shiny locks, we definitely recommend a nourishing hot oil hair mask.  You can easily make these yourself and they are a great way to add moisture to your hair, but it’s also a great excuse for a bit of self-care and down time.  If you’re making a hair mask a regular activity, it’s worth getting a few key ingredients to keep at home that will enable to you make your own blends time and time again.  Deeply nourishing carrier oils such as Argan and Macadamia are ideal for hair as they’re well absorbed and will penetrate the hair shaft.  For a conditioning hair mask, add 4-5 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil to 100ml of Argan oil. Massage into wet or dry hair and scalp and leave in for 20 minutes, shampoo and rinse.  For added aroma-benefits, why not try our Shampoo Base mixed with a few drops of an Essential Oil for the full experience!  We love wrapping our hair with an old towel (be careful not to use your best towels as the oil may mark them) to let the oil penetrate… and then sit back and relax with a book, cup of tea or even a glass of wine!  If you can build this hair routine into your schedule, we do recommend you do it weekly to maintain strength and moisture.  Do check for allergies or sensitivity prior to use as many of these oil recipes and blends contain nut oils.

Day-to-Day Hair Treats

You don’t need to spend a lot of time each day doing this, but we have found from experience this to be a great shine-booster:  Gently smooth the hair shaft each morning with a tiny amount of oil rubbed between palms, which you can then gently stroke over your hair and leave in.  We love fractionated Coconut oil for this as it’s super light – you can even keep the bottle in your bag to use on the go to tame flyaways or ease fluffiness!  Another in-house recommendation is to use a little bit of our Organic Shave Oil as a hair shiner – it will also leave your hair with the most gorgeous scent of Lavender, Orange and Mint!  To scent your hair in this way is so much more preferable than using some other chemical-based hair perfumes as it’s a 100% natural product and only contains oils – no harsh chemicals or astringents which can be damaging and drying.

Glossy hair

Prevention is Better than Cure…

We all know this to be true, so to help prevent your hair becoming dry and brittle over the Summer months, here are our tips for some hair strengthening, natural remedies.  To stimulate hair growth and boost circulation, a scalp massage is a great idea.  It can also be deeply relaxing and can relieve tension if you suffer from stress or worry.  Self-massage while applying a hot oil hair mask can be so rejuvenating; a few drops of our Refresh Essential blend mixed in with a handful of Argan oil is incredibly uplifting and can leave you feeling really energised, plus the deeply conditioning nature of the Argan oil will leave your hair soft and protected.  If you have fine hair that’s prone to breakage, try our ready-blended Fragile HairSpa, with Clove, Eucalyptus and as it’s super-stimulating and has been specially formulated to boost and support fine or thinning hair from the root.

Use Hair Blends to Soothe Specific Problems…

Sweaty/Oily Hair

Our Overactive HairSpa is a cleansing and balancing aromatherapy hair-oil treatment, specially formulated for oily hair types to deeply cleanse the scalp, whilst helping to balance the over-production of oil.   To use, massage the oil into the scalp, run the oil through the lengths of your hair, before wrapping in a towel and leaving for 30 minutes. Then simply wash hair as usual with a mild shampoo.  This regime will hydrate and provide nutrients to the hair, scalp and skin and rebalance the natural oils.

Dry/Brittle Ends

Obviously, a regular trim to chop off split ends will keep hair smooth, but a quick application of a few drops of Jojoba oil will add instant moisture and shine.

Dry Scalp

Our Soothe HairSpa is a soothing and replenishing aromatherapy hair-oil treatment for all hair types, specially formulated to soothe and replenish both the hair and scalp, and is perfect for sensitive skin.  A scalp massage with this oil can loosen dry skin, moisturise the scalp and leave it feeling less irritated.  A good head massage will also boost circulation and leave you feeling awakened.

Strong Hair

Hair Fall

To cheer up your vacuum cleaner and save it some work, these oil blend recipes can help reduce hair fall.

Short and Curly Hair – Solid Coconut Oil can make a great natural styling product for shorter or super-curly hair styles and as it’s rich in saturated fats and can penetrate the hair shafts, it will provide deep moisturisation.  As over-dry hair is a cause of breakage, nourishment and moisturisation is key to help combat it.

Coarse HairYlang-Ylang Essential Oil can improve hair texture.  When a few drops of this rich oil are mixed with a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond Oil, it can leave coarse, thick hair much silkier. Almond oil is rich in omega-9-fatty acids, vitamin E and proteins and will provide moisture and suppleness to your hair shaft.

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