How to Create a Hygge Home this Autumn

First things first – the word, which is Danish in origin, is pronounced hue-gaa, and can really be described using three key words: Cosiness, Conviviality and Contentment. It’s hard to pinpoint what hygge really is as it’s more of a feeling than a strict definition; it’s about noticing and appreciating the little things in life, about being present and connected to nature and our loved ones – it’s a really simple, basic way of thinking and feeling. But how can we achieve that feeling?

Our Environment

One way to achieve a sense of hygge in your home, is to adopt some principals of cosiness so that it’s an inviting, simple space to relax or entertain in. Hygge environments are rich in textures – often natural ones, so think soft woollen or linen textiles, layering, plenty of cushions and comfortable spots to perch or recline. Think about bringing the outside in – lots of natural wood, stone and slate can result in a really layered, rustic space. It’s not about contrived, thought-out design, but easy living with warmth at its heart. Lighting is very important – stark, white lighting is to be avoided as it can be harsh – artificial lighting is rarely able to replicate natural light, so think candles, tealights or an open fire or wood burner can create an amazing glow in a room as well as providing the perfect level of warmth. If artificial lights are used, choose glowing fairy lights and warm white bulbs in lamps.

It’s also lovely to have a gentle scent of warmth in the room, we love a little Cinnamon Essential Oil sprinkled onto some pinecones in a bowl, or our Daybreak Essential Blend has a gorgeous citrussy warmth to it and makes an amazing ingredient for home candle-making, or you can diffuse it gently in an oil burner. We love using our Essential Oils in home-made linen spray recipes; you can create a lovely textile spray by combining 30ml each of water and Witch Hazel, and 30 drops of Essential Oil – choose a simple Lavender on its own, or a mixture of Orange (sweet) and Clove Bud for an autumnal fragrance. Combine these ingredients in a fine spray bottle and spritz at a distance onto towels and blankets for some pure scented bliss!


Hygge is about an atmosphere and an experience, often a shared experience to remember and treasure. When welcoming guests to your home, a drink on arrival is ideal – something warm like a hot chocolate or a seasonal spicy chai latte during the colder months. Why not sit outside on a chilly Autumnal evening – provide plenty of warm blankets and twinkly lights and a chimenea or firepit for some marshmallow toasting – just be careful to keep those cosy textiles away from any flames! If moths become a pain as they can be attracted to your lights, pop some peppermint oil into an oil burner to keep them at bay. If you are going to be entertaining outside, don’t forget to forewarn your guests so they don’t turn up in sequins instead of something snuggly!

Healthy hygge home this autumn


Being creative is a great way to feel more Hygge, whether it’s cooking, writing or getting crafty. An Essential Oil bath bomb can be a lovely activity for yourself or with children – make extra and you can give them as gifts! Follow this simple recipe to create some really luxurious additions to your bath… and don’t worry if you only have a shower, these bath bombs can be broken down and used as a foot soak or exfoliator too! All you need is a bowl and some moulds…

  1. In a mixing bowl, mix two cups of baking soda, a cup of cream of tartar (you can get both of these at supermarkets), and 6 tablespoons of Epsom Salts together. Our Epsom Salts are already infused with our premium Essential Oils so you don’t need extra. We love Soothe or Relaxation Epsom Salts for a gentle, cosiness-inducing aroma. Mix the ingredients together well and if you want some extra moisturising qualities in your bomb, add a few drops of Sweet Almond or Olive oil at this stage. Feel free to add other natural ingredients at this stage too such as dried lavender, rose petals or citrus zest.
  2. When fully combined, press the mixture firmly into your moulds.
  3. The bombs will need 24 hours of drying and setting time before removing from the moulds. They can then be used in a bath or stored in a glass jar and broken into pieces to use as a body scrub.

This a great little activity and the bombs themselves make lovely personal gifts. Get creative when wrapping them too – they’ll need wrapping in some greaseproof paper/cellophane or cling film to stop any oil coming out, but then use pretty tissue, fabric and raffia and ribbons to decorate. Try to stick to natural materials for your wrapping – some herbs tied on can look beautiful and smell lovely too!

Hunt out Hygge on a Budget…

Hygge doesn’t have to cost much to achieve – aesthetics come second to feeling and the look is very eclectic. We love a good rummage in a charity shop or car boot sale, they’re usually a great source of blankets and textiles to layer up – old wool picnic blankets and eiderdowns can be readily sourced here. Combinations of pre-loved ceramic crockery can make lovely mismatched sets in which to serve your cosy hot drinks… Cups, pots and jars from thrift shops can also make unusual receptacles if you fancy making your own candles too.

A local tip/recycling centre often rescues items such as these and gives them away for free or small donations so look here too. Social media marketplaces are a great way to find second hand garden items like firepits and benches. If some of your second-hand discoveries need freshening up, give everything washable a thorough rinse and any textiles that can’t be washed can be freshened with a good spritz of this Eucalyptus and Tea Tree fabric spray: In a glass spray bottle, add 30 ml of water – distilled is ideal, with 30ml of clear alcohol, and 15 drops of both Essential Oils. Shake the mixture really well before each use and spritz sparingly over blankets and other textiles, and leave to air, outside if possible. This will not only remove any musty smells, but both of these oils have a natural antibacterial quality to them so will leave them really refreshed.

Make Your Home More Hygge This Autumn

You can Hygge your home as much or as little as you like this Autumn, but it’s definitely worth adopting a few small changes to slow and simplify your life a little. Here are a few of our favourite tips…

  • Read a book by scented candlelight instead of relying on a screen sometimes in the evenings.
  • Don’t have your tea or coffee on the go, sit and drink it while looking out of the window and take in a little bit of nature and enjoy each sip.
  • Use a Lavender Essential Oil dispersed with a dispersing oil in your bath before bed, try some deep, slow breathing to relax your body.
  • Use less central heating and more blankets when having your daily Netflix fix!
  • Always wear comfy clothes – life’s too short not to be comfy and cosy – a PJ day every so often is never a bad idea.
  • SHARE – share a coffee, a cake, your time and your problems with a friend or family member.

Enjoy these ideas throughout Autumn this year and don’t forget to follow our social media pages for lots more hygge ideas!